Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obedience - can we find a better word?

Who knows, I may be the only person of the face of the planet that is bothered by the use of the term 'obedience' when used in context of our relationship with God. If you google the term obedience the vast majority of the entries on the first 2 result pages deal with dog obedience training, or the Milgram experiment. So culturally speaking we are already behind the 8 ball when we decide to use this term.

For me this definitely isn't about wanting to do my own thing without having to listen. In fact, my hearts deep desire is to have the heart and mind of Christ. I don't merely want to externally conform to a list of moral requirements or laws, I want an inner reality that produces actions that are in line with Father's own heart. I'm not content with obedience, I want something much deeper. And I think Father is more interested in our heart as well. To me obedience is the language of the lists, laws, and the Pharisee. In an actual relationship with Christ, however, I learn to trust him, and I'm transformed by him as I begin to place my life in his hands. It's only through Love, trust, and relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit that I will be changed on the inside. Conformity and obedience can't transform, so maybe we should leave that term for the dogs.