Thursday, January 10, 2008


I know this is random, but hey I did call this 'Rick's Ramblings'. Anyway, we managed to procure a Wii that we gave to the kids (ages 16,10,6, and 2) for Christmas. They have all enjoyed playing it immensely and my 2 year old really enjoys watching the older kids play.

Here's the catch. The kids went back to school, my oldest son and my wife went to Thailand, I'm home watching the 2 year old, and the DVD player broke this week. So whenever my 2 year old points at the Wii, guess who 'has' :-) to play the Wii? That would be me. I have been surprised to find out that you can actually break a sweat playing that thing, especially playing the level 1600 tennis opponents. Both arms are now sore (I've had to alternate arms) and I think I've lost a few pounds! Well, the wife gets back on Sunday (hurray!) and it will be back to the old desk job for me. Right now the kids keep me busy and worn out, maybe I'll be able to do some more posting after I recover.


Jonathan said...

Did you see the news the other night when they were showing physical therapists helping with Wii injuries? Said it is a lot like tennis elbow.

I heard you tell us that you were sore from the Wii. But I didn't realize that it was because you playing by yourself to your son's entertainment. Sorry but that is just too funny.

Tyler Dawn said...

Hey, we are thinking about getting one -- any other strenuous games?

Rick Gibson said...

So far we've only played the Wii sports that came with the Wii. It has tennis, golf, bowling, and boxing. Tennis and boxing can be good exercise. I've had friends who broke a sweat to bowling as well, but they aren't the types to go hiking, or biking if you know what I mean. I'm not in the greatest shape by any means, but I still make attempts as jogging from time to time. Anyways, someone who already works out 3 times a week probably wouldn't break a sweat on any of them, but for the rest of us it's a fun way to get off the couch :-). Hopefully that will help you gage how strenuous it is.