Friday, February 22, 2008

Wide Open Spaces

My 5 of spades was Wide Open Spaces by Jim Palmer. An excellent read if you get the chance to read it. One of the questions he poses really hit home with me. I'm sure you've heard the quote often attributed to John Wesley that goes "in essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity". In the book, Jim discusses this quote, which typically refers to the doctrines you believe, and he poses the possiblity that we have been getting the essentials wrong. 'What if the essentials are love God, and love your neighbor?', he asks. Launching from this question, he takes you along with him on a voyage into freedom. He also makes the suggestion that when you experince love for your fellow man, you are infact experiencing God himself. Through the rest of the book Jim shares his story of how he is learning to do what love would do and ends the book with another question 'Where have all the little Christs gone?'

A friend loaned me this book, but I thought is was worth purchasing for myself (which I plan to do this weekend.)

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rob horton said...

rick: "wide open spaces" is sitting on my kitchen table waiting for me to read it. i ordered it for my local public library. i have about two more weeks before it is due. the plan is for me to finish "the message first" - i am 869 pages in out of 2265. i am looking forward to it.