Thursday, August 21, 2008

Truefaced (Do you believe?)

Do you believe

  • That the Father loves you unconditionally, and is crazy about you?
  • That the Father has done everything to restore the relationship he desires to have with you?
  • That the Father will faithfully transform you into what he originally intended for you?
  • That the Fathers very essence is Love?

Or do you believe

  • That God really only loves you as long as you are performing well?
  • That it's up to you to get things right in your 'relationship' with God?
  • That you are on your own and need lots of discipline and accountability to keep 'God's commands'?
  • That God chooses to love, or in some cases chooses not to love?

Which do you believe, deep down? Really?

My friend Kent posted a link to an excellent message given by John Lynch called "TrueFaced". If you believe the the second list more that the first, this message is for you. If you are tired of faking it and long to be real, this message is for you. Believe in God's Grace and Love for you, it's real, and really true. Hop off the performance treadmill that's going nowhere, and know that all that needed to be done has already been done in Christ. Come and be real with your Heavenly Papa, his arms are open wide, and his Love is beyond description.

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